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I'm searching for info on Swiss Design that is currently being produced. I'm a huge fan of the older design but i'm trying to research how it's evolved since.

I'm looking for blogs, sites, etc.

The best site i've found is the Slanted Typo Blog...Any info would be Appreciated!

-_- Marty

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Cornel Windlin at Lineto represents a new generation of Swiss designers.
A more subversive take on the old international style.


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try this site (love their Didot)

and this book (not strictly swiss)


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Be sure to check out Die Gestalten Verlag as well. Though located in Berlin, DGV offers some great faces in the Swiss style.

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Thanks! I'll check these out.

-_- Marty

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Are you talking strictly type design, or design in general.

If design in general, here is a talented swiss firm:

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be sure to check out artstübli, a swiss pdf magazine im working on. we released the first issue in may, the second issue will be released in the next two weeks (so be sure to add you to our mailing list so you get a notice when its out!

the third issue will maybe focus on swiss typographic design.

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and be sure to check out the book "Fresh Type / Frische Schriften" which accompaigned an exhibition at the museum of art and design in zurich/switzerland. you can get it here for example.

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