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This is the first time posting on this forum. I just learned about it recently. I am doing my senior sem project about advertising about a Beauty Supply store called Beautavia. I am in typography class now but i still do not know how to handle typefaces. i think i am better at designing then type. Hopefully i will become good at both. here is one of my magazine layouts on the bottom. as you can see the text is plain. I got really creative with my image. I took colored hair extensions and scanned them all in and made them look like looks like a flower. Then i took a brush and scanned it in. My teacher told me that my logo needs to be simple. I do not know if i should go with a serif, san serif, decorative font. i have no clue. Also with my Logo, do I use Beautavia Beauty Supply, or just Beautavia? Just make the fonts black or colored Do i make an image with my font, or just my font? please give me all the critism and the help you can give me. I have been working on this project for months and now the teachers decided to invite all the professors of the art department for a class critique, which is next wed. please help, thanxbeaty magazine layout

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Hi Ruia.

This sounds like a fun project! Sometimes you have to work to see it that way, especially when you're up against a deadline. Here are some thoughts for you.

do I use Beautavia Beauty Supply, or just Beautavia?
1) Outside of school you will fight the uphill battle against logos that read Beautavia Beauty Supply and Specialty Cosmeticological Products International Companies, LTD. Use Beautavia.

I got really creative with my image.
2) Yes you did! This is really a layout suggestion. The focal point of the piece is the hair extention/flower, less on the brush. I'd do one of two things:
a. Crop the image differently, and bring the flower down. Give it some space at the top (maybe even put the "hint of color brilliance" up in the new found space).
b. Do a horizontal layout, or a two page spread if you have the option. Show many flowers at smaller sizes and focus on your color pallet.
In either case, I'd choose a background color that competes with the image less. You're cyan is overpowering the hint.

My teacher told me that my logo needs to be simple. I do not know if i should go with a serif, san serif, decorative font.
Some people will tell you that the only

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Thanx so much Randy. I need to print all this info out so I can take it step by steo. With my logo I think I want to keep it short for BBS. Instead of Beatavia Beauty Supply. My classmates want me to make a logo with a blowdryer, scissors. etc I want mine to stand out and be different. Thanx for all the motivation you have giving me, any more thoughts lt me know

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Thanx so much Randy

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Take the opportunity to base the logo just on Beautavia, adding blowdryers &c will only detract, if you want to add an image think about more of a natural image jojoba seed/flower. When designing a logo you should consider using it white out (as you have it), black, 1 colour (Pantone or similar), 4 colour version of it for different printing applications. Randy offered some very good advice on the b/g colour and fonts - the idiom is to use a fine typeface.
However, since you do not have a client weighing in with comments like "this isn't like so-and-so cosmetic company", don't feel you have to submit to the tyranny of following other designs. The image is great - give it some space to breathe, and prepare a presentation for your tutors

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alright you guys this is the scoop on my senior sem project. I didnt have alot of time to add everything but i changed some stuff that you guys commented on. basically the teacher critisized to the extreme, which was a good thing because all the art department faculty was not there and next wed they will be meeting us.these were the 2 layouts i showed. i lowered the flower and changed the backround. For the first one she asked me why the colors of the flower were so bold and I told her because the age group i am dealing with is 16 to 30 age group and they are more modern and they go for funky colors. I chose the allise font which was tall and skinny and she loved it. She didnt like the placement and she busted me out on my quote. A hint of color brillance. she said if my girls are from 16 to 30 and they like bold colors, wouldnt they be screaming of color. i felt really embaressed but hey at least she made a point. some of my class mates told me to get rid of my whole flower campaign and start from scratch. so I did another layout and they liked it but the only thing they said was the world looked too much like a golf ball. I still didnt come up with a logo. I just chose a simple one and she told me I needed to have a nice logo. im sorry this email was so long, but wanted to share with you what was going on. thanx

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Think 'simple'

The latter visual is just too much, too literal.

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agree with Darrel...

the first one is the strongest, but the gray background doesn't
seem to do anything for the color. White would probably work better.

Beautavia and Beauty Supply

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thanx for all your suggestions. im going to keep on working it. I decided to design the logo for Beautavia, simple. take a look at it and comments are well appreciated, thanx. there are three examples and i just drew the hair on the sides and placed it by the B. I tried placed it on the a but it didnt look nice. I also kerned but im also learning how to do that as well, so let me know what you think.

application/pdfbeauty (176.9 k)

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i hope this works. I couldnt get it to upload with illustrator 10beaut

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I prefer the 3rd logo, although I don't feel it is clear what the hair is and the weight of the line is too heavy. As for the kerning the 'av' is too far apart - a good method for kerning is to print out your file hold it upside down and view it with half closed eyes any large or small spaces become more obvious. On the layout, the grey background is too dominating (although it is difficult with small jpegs to really appreciate it) a subtler shade or white would improve the image as hero, also I would reduce the size of the logo, smaller than the headline, and keep it clear of the image you could produce two layouts demonstrating how the ad would work on a recto or verso page. The second layout kind of shows why design by committee should be avoided, your original concept was strong - stick with and improve that. Good luck.

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