looking for rounded fonts

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hi folks

i'm not looking for a specific font but i like rounded fonts like this one http://www.typophile.com/forums/messages/83/56135.html?1103546798 or this one http://www.typophile.com/forums/messages/83/54649.html?1101745648. also, if they're somehow minimalistic it's very cool.

could we make like a list of more such fonts in this thread? or is there already a list of such fonts somewhere? it's quite hard since none of them is linotype i think...

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You can try generic terms (like rounded) on Myfonts.com, you will get a variety of fonts, some which you might expect and others that you expect don't appear, so you sometimes have to be creative with your search terms. Or you could try visiting specific foundry websites that you think might have a similar feel, for your examples I would look at T.26, Device, etc. You could have used the links on Typophile, but they seem to have gone walkabout in the revamp or are somewhere really obvious that I haven't looked.

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