a serif that works with Corporate S?

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a client of mine uses Corporate S as his CD-font. i wasnt the designer of his collateral stuff, but i need to design a brochure for him. he is a consultant, specialised on start-ups.

so now im looking for a serif font that works well with «Corporate S», mainly for text-blocks.

im probably looking for something warm, with a human (not necessarily humanistic) touch.

anyone knows a good choice? im really a beginner when it comes to issues like that.. any help warmly appreciated!

thierry blancpain

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ehm, ok.. lets think a second :) Corporate A could be a possibility - but i wanted more options to present to the client, thats why i asked here..

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Take a closer look to something interesting.

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Tyfa might work very well. Take a spin through Storm's library; Amor Serif, Genre, Pentagraf, something might work. He even has a text Walbaum that might be just the thing.

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thanks alot! i'll probably present the results to client tomorrow, any more ideas?

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Hey, professor Kurt designed Corporate E, A and whatmore. So why not check out his Weidemann?

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I can't help but offer up our Alfon

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"Take a spin through Storm’s library"

I will second that. They have some of the most interesting italics around.

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