Fontsite/Softmaker: so what?

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Hello Typophiles,

I've read the following statement in another
thread (Understanding the legal issues...):

Nathan Matteson:
"I think James is hitting it right on the head
here. I've been trying to get my school to buy a
decent font collection - even if only for two or
three "type specific" labs - for nigh on three
years now. We just had a good instructor quit
over the lack of type and the beaurocratic hoops
you have to jump through to [not] get it.

And the closest we got was our bookstore selling
the dubious FontSite CD. :-/"

Well, that statement came in good time. I've
been browsing the websites of many typefoundries
looking for a basic font CD collection to use
on everyday's work at my office.

I've considered all my options, from Bitstream
to URW, and they range from U$ 120 to U$ 500...
That was until yesterday, when I found both
Softmaker (Megafont XXL) and Fontsite (CD 500)
collections, priced as low as U$ 39 and U$ 49...

So, what's up here? I've recognized many fonts
under different names but I didn't get if those
collections are legal or even "ethical".

I'm planning to buy a font CD collection not
only to be "clean", but also because I want
to make sure that the designers would receive
their proper royalties. I mean, what would
Adrian Frutiger receive if I buy FrontPage*
instead of Frutiger?

I want to make clear that I'm not distrusting
any company/person. I'm just curious why and how
those similar font collections can have so
different prices.

There's a Brazilian proverb that says "o barato
sai caro", wich means something like you cannot
have something for nothing... (In fact, I guess
it's not even Brazilian, it's an universal law).

Best regards,

* This font equivalence was taken from Luc
Devroye's website.

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"A little madness in the spring
is wholesome even for the king."

(Emily Dickinson)

But do we have springtime?

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Uli, quoting Emily Dickinson in this thread, you just made my week!

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Naw, @Uli, all we have here is "The Song Without End".

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Instead of posting never-ending lists repeatedly, you would be better off just pointing to the list on your site just once. We are all getting carpal tunnel from excessive scrolling here. What you are doing is counterproductive to your own objectives in that anyone reading your posts will assume you are in need of medical or psychiatric attention?

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If you may prove to be correct, you shall be named citizen of honour and a typoholic Nostradamus. You may post, as you do fancy, lists that shall continue for an infinitude of pages. Until that beautiful day though...

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