(x) Gerrit Noordzij – Kind und Schrift typeface - Sudum (unpublished) {Pieter}

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what is the typeface:

in the pdf document it says 'Caslon Buch, Fotosatz' http://www.letterror.com/noordzij/stuff/Kind%20und%20Schrift.pdf
in pdf > fonts it says 'SuduX050–Roman'

where can one buy it from

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It could be one of the fonts Gerrit Noordzij has created for his own use. His son Peter Mathias is the founder of The Enschedé Type Foundry (http://www.teff.nl/index.html) and as far as I know they are going to publish some of these fonts. Ruse is one that's available now (but not similar to your sample).

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The typeface is called Sudum and is done by Gerrit Noordzij and as yet unpublished.

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It has the gorgeous mark of Gerrit's hand.


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