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Hi guys was wondering if someone out there can help me,

I remember a while back i came across an interesting font that has a map of the world but as usual now that i need it i dont know what the name of the font/dingbat was
something like the attached file

can any one help
fingers crossed someone out there can pass on the name

map.jpeg51.68 KB
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Why a font and not an Illustrator file? If an Illustrator file will do go to Adobe Studio Exchange and do a search for world map.

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Webdings has one - quite simplified.


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I have one dingbat font that's got the five landmasses, each as a glyph in the W, O, R, L, and D spots. It's made to some level of detail but only from straight line segments because Eurasia keft crashing RF. They are fit together if you type the wor(l)d. Also, with separate land masses, kerning does the plate techtonics thing pretty well. The font's not for sale, but itrade...

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There is always the Patriot Kit, from Volcano Type.

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