Sans Serif with Mrs. Eaves

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Can any of you suggest a comlimentary type face that could be used with Mrs. Eaves? Preferably a Sans Serif?


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Hmmm. Neutra? Seria Sans? Avenir?

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I'd say John Sans because it's also based on Baskerville.

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thanks guys

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Another Storm typeface that might be nice is Dyna Grotesk.

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John Sans would be my suggestion, too.

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a third vote for john sans.

interstate + mrs. eaves, hm. i've used both quite a bit over the past year, but would never think to pair them. two very different sensibilities, imho. but food for thought.

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I'd have to agree with John Sans. But I'd say Dyna Grotesk is a less obvious choice. *smirk*

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i put the link to the old thread back in my last post, as i remebered that some posts were missing from the ported-over version.
and back on topic: more storm deliciousness to pair with mrs eaves: the new and beautiful zeppelin. *drool*

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