(x) Country Road logo / Typophile - ITC Avant Garde Gothic / Gotham {Yves}

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Trying to find the typeface used in Australia's Country Road clothing label logo. Any ideas?

It actually looks a little like the tyepface used in Typophile's logo. I'd be interested to hear what that tyepface is, too.

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The "Country Road" logo is set in ITC Avant Garde Gothic -- Typophile uses Gotham as its primary sans face, although the Typophile logo used to be / is (?) set in a wide weight of Knockout.

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Wow, that was quick. Thanks so much!

I thought it was the ITC Avante Garde Gothic, but the logo's letters seem a little bit squarer and blockier - the U and T especially seem to be a little wider. Also, there's some space between the downward stroke of the R and its outward pointing leg...

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It possibly is a pre-digital version. Remember those faces were interpreted for several technologies.

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It was designed in Melbourne by Fabio Ongarato you could send him a question via their website to find out more about it maybe? http://www.fodesign.com.au/index.php


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