What's in your work-flow?

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My daily routine consists of dropping text into InDesign, fixing it and sending it to the client for corrections. I've learned that there are a number of things that you can fix in you clients document before you import it into InDesign. Let say I receive a MSwords document, I will search for double spaces, unecessary paragraph breaks, spaces before final points, comas, interogation and exclamation marks, simple ligatures, etc. Once the text is in InDesign I check on the special ligatures, Euro and other money signs, small caps, bold, etc.

I am interested to know how different people go about this job. Do you follow the same guide? I hope not otherwise this will be one of those pointless self-indulgent forum prose.


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I've never tried this application myself, but I've heard it works wonders. TextSoap by Unmarked Software. There seems to be versions for both Mac and Windows.

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Unless a file has an awful lot of bolding and italicizing in it, I usually save MS Word files as ASCII text, to remove any evil RTF markup that may be lurking therein.

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I use TexEdit.

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TextSoap looks promising. Could save me a lot of time.
I work in a design office where I often finish off work started by other designers. Since some of them don't always save the text in ASCII, I end up rewriting all the E-mail addresses in InDesign because they are all framed in a blue box (I guess evil RTF markup). Is there an easy way to get rid of that blue box around E-mails? Playing with paragraph styles was unfruitful so far.

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TextEdit looks great, thanks.
I guess Automator might perform some of the basic clean up tasks?

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>Is there an easy way to get rid of that blue box around E-mails?

It is simple: Open word, Open Indesign, Open notepad (or mac equiv.) copy all from word and past into notepad. Copy all from notepad and past into Indesign. Its a fairly common pratice. I reallly easy way to remove all of the RTF formatting.

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