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Alot of you are familiar with my previous Fiberpack Audio design. Now I am working with one of their competitors (hey I couldn't say no) to design their logo. The name is Andromeda Audio Networks. There is a much better visual potential here, namely the metaphor of constellations as networks. Just looking for some comments on my first hack at it. Thanks!

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I think what you have is too busy and not dynamic enough. The silhouette of the mountain range creates an awkward white space between the graphic and the name.

Try other variations on the constellation theme and perhaps other non-star related concepts.

I'm rusty on my mythology, but could you draw anything from who Andromeda was?

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Andromeda, daughter of Caseopea, was chained to a rock to die as penance for her mother's insults to the gods. She was rescued by Perseus.

That theme was not to uplifting or appropriate for a corporate logo, so I thought I'd just stick with the constellation. Unfortunately, as you can see, the constellation of Andromeda leaves much to be desired. I'm having a hard time coming up with something interesting that can stand alone with just that silly V shape.

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What if you concentrated on the rescuing part?

OR: Andromeda is the classic beauty among galaxies.
Try working with just the classic spiral galaxy shape.


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The current treatment of the stars is a natural looking one, however you may well run into problems when this logo has to be used at smaller sizes than shown in your example. Issues such as dot gain and variable pressmanship may cause these fine details to fill in on printed matter, and will also suffer when used on screen. Adopting an approach which uses larger, stylised pointed star shapes would be both punchier and more robust.

I would get rid of the tan colour for the constellation, and design the logo in black and white only until you are completely happy with the shapes. For colour variations you could consider replacing the black of the sky with a very deep blue.

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You are limiting yourself with this concept. A hard horizontal isn't going to work for all applications. Try AAN with a star (or a few stars) with the name stacked under it in 3 lines. By doing this you can over time establish AAN star(s), as their look much like the Dallas Cowboys. I guess what I'm saying is you are being to literal.

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Yeah, what Dan and others have said. Make the stars/constellation the focus. The mountains are extraneous.

The constellations/networks thing is good, but you're not emphasizing it enough. Perhaps you could design an interesting network-ish web of connections, with a central emphasized shape that looks like an 'A'? Maybe?

Dunno, but Andromeda's a galaxy, not just a constellation, so I think of this and this more than the form in your first design.

The typeface is interesting. Though I guess it'll change with the different concepts.

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is by any chance the type you used Plastizid ?

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Have you thought about being more abstract? For instance use the positioning of the stars in reality for the positioning of the letters literally. It's subtle and it'd let a strong typeface do more of the corporate talking. Just a thought.

Joseph Szala
Vigor Graphic Design, LLC.

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I'd suggested, as other people, to be more abstract. What if you used dot at different size above the name? I also suggested to use two typeface, a strong one for Andromeda and medium on for Audio Media, probably in the same family. I'll place the name on two lines to avoid to be too wide.

> Andre

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