Identities with Horizontal and Vertical usage.

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Ok all you brilliant typophiles. I'm looking for well-known logos that have both vertical and horizontal versions. Preferably with proof on the web.


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This is where I labour in obscurity and with little apparent effect. Here presented in what the ID Manual says is most preferred to least preferred presentation. The idea is that where horizontal space is at a premium you stack it up. The Bodoni is hellish to deal with in web presentation no matter which layout is put to use. Also in example 2, the words 'Public Library' appear larger than the word 'Vancouver'. This is an optical illusion, in the artwork they are exactly the same size. I can't think of any where the logo or logotype is rotated 90 degrees which would be the other thing that occurs to me. Airlines for airplane livery?

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Dear Tiffany
Is the second example of

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The one that come to my mind is the branding I did for the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
See for the horizontal format and our website for the vertical format.

Hope this helps.


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Payless Shoe Source...hehe, not the most inspiring example.


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