(x) Universal Private Asset Management Inc. - Eurostile Ext/Microgramma {Carl}

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Hello Im new to this site and i really find it Very Helpful. can anyone tell me what font was used in this logo


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Sure, I can help. No need to yell.

That's Eurostile Bold Extended (sometimes aka Microgramma).

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Thanks alot crossgrove (:

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The difference between Microgramma (designed 1952 by Alessandro Butti and Aldo Novarese for Nebiolo) and Eurostile (designed 1962 by Aldo Novarese) is not only 10 years, but that Microgramma was originally a CAPS ONLY face.

I had the pleasure of meeting Signore Novarese (pr. No-vah-reh-zay) and afterwards kept correspondence for a while.

Sì, sono vecchio, ma sono indietro nello stile!

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