Unusual typographic tatoos

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Does anyone have or have ever seen unusual and interesting typographic tatoos?


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Brian J. Bonislawsky of Astigmatic One Eye has a grand assortment of
historical type on his left arm. I've urged him to upload a photo.


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I know this is a little off track, but I thought it might amuse some of my fellow inked designers. The etymology of the word "Tattoo" comes from the ploynesian "tatau", an onomatopoeic word.

Work it out for yourself :)

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If Yakuza is ever released ;) I'd love to use that
for a tatoo...I'm thinking my wife's name down
my arm.

Much more appealing to me than the traditional
Blackletter or script fonts.

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Like Tupac's THUG LIFE belly tat?

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I don't know Tupac's tattoo, but i am not interested in fraktur-like tattoos. More something out of the ordenary, Sansserif words, typografic ornaments (would be fun: Zapf dingbats on your body!?), single glyphs, whatever...


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I was thinking of having "I hate helvetica" set in... ´drumroll... helvetica! on my back.
I think it would be nice.
I don't trust the hands of a tattoist though, I would have to do it myself... making it impossible. :(

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That could become a problem > if the tattoist makes a kerning failure!


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exactly. I would kill him.

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or he uses Arial!

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Then I would kill myself. :)

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Does anyone have pictures?

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> who was it that got some characters from bodoni's manuale tatooed on his arm a few atypis ago?

Tony di Pietro.

And there were pictures too, but I don't know where.


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god, i'm gagging to see pictures! has anyone seen pictures of joshua davis' tattoos? apparently he's well inked.

let's get those digital cameras snapping so we can all see.

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Brode, I'd hate to see you gag. Brian mailed and
asked me to post this. (He was having trouble
logging in here.)


Here are some of my tattoos as requested for visuals by Stephen Coles.
They are as best as I can shoot them with my digital camera for now by
myself. If you want better pictures, I can try to get someone to shoot
them for me in a few days much better. I have a few more as well that
are not included here that I was simply unable to angle to shoot.

(Tattooed Left Wrist w/ "MCMLXXIII" and Tattooed Thumb/Forefinger
webbing w/ the infinity sign.

(Tattooed Lower Left Leg, Outer Side w/ Latin text "Quinque Venenum: Vis
Vires, Pecunia, Desiderium, Amor, Ego" and below that is the amulet sign
for the Hand of Maat (Egyptian).

(Tattooed Left Forearm w/ (from top to bottom) Dutch word
"vasthoudenheid", Latin phrase "Nitor expletio", and Tibetan prayer
mantra "Ohm Mani Padme Hum"

Upper Left Arm (not shown) is French word "eclaircissement", and below
that the binary code for BE "0100001001000101"

Back of Neck (not shown) is the Kanji character for Tranquility.

I hope all these links work ok, have only posted a few times here, but
never links. I plan, over time, to continue having typographic tattoos
added to fill my complete left side of my body, and varying the
languages used as much as my ability to find translations of the texts I
want added available.

Hope the shots are of interest, let me know if you want me to have them
shot better and I'll get that done in a day or two.

- Astigmatic

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the whole lorem ipsum dolor sit amet... perhaps. or perhaps not.

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The next contest: Design the Typophile Tatoo?

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i have the interrobang from fritz bold on my left shoulder. and i'm planning on getting the double dagger from amplitude condensed ultra on my right arm as soon as i finish the font.

who was it that got some characters from bodoni's manuale tatooed on his arm a few atypis ago?

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I just had a good laugh looking at the logs. 29 search
engine queries for "tattoo" brought users to Typophile...
I wonder if they found what they were looking for.

The real mystery though: how did queries for "sailor"
end up here?

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