Agency FB compliments...?

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I'm putting together some collateral. I want to use Agency in titling, but I want to contrast it with a serif font. For some reason, I can't find anything I'm happy with... I looked at all the garamonds, Flareserif (sort of like elan), even other FB faces like Bodega. It's just lacking the sophistication I require...I want it to look very modern (of course i'm using a 30's font like Agency, right?) Very legible and streamlined. I also want to stray away for the obvious picks. And NO copperplate... Any suggestions?

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Call FontBureau. They will be able to tell what it has been used with successfully, and maybe give you other ideas.

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Well, I wanted to stray away from obvious (read: already established) ideas. I want a fresh approach, and a fresh eye. Sure, i'll call them, but I also would like to hear about some interesting combos the forum could dream up...

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I would guess anything that doesn't have too much contrast. You might consider FF Clifford or Tyfa from Storm.

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