Looking for WW2 type design recommendations

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I'm in the process of designing a logo and website for a WW2 history site and need to create a design that fulfills several criteria.

It has to have a slightly 'British' feel - ie: no German Blackletter or Nazi overtones :) - and also a strong military feel.

Apart from the obvious choices of Gill (used in many, many WW2 British information leaflets), the various Gothic typefaces and Stencil (for that authentic 'MASH' look LOL), can anyone recommend any good alternatives?

A headline / copy combination would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You could try any packaging for WW2 shooters ( video games ) a few of these seem to get the feel down right. Medal of Honor, Call of Duty etc... Just a thought.

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Good idea, thanks.

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Hi Jon,

I often go to vintage poster sites when doing research for period styles. I suggest you browse through and pick a style you like, then post the image if you need the typeface identified.

-- WW II Posters from UK and other countries.

-- La Belle Epoque has a featured WW I & WW II gallery link.

-- WW2Poster.co.uk organizes links to vintage WW2 posters.

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man i suck

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One other thought - there are people who make exact replica model aircraft, boats and such out of matchboxes and lolly sticks. These chaps have fonts that accurately depict the lettering used by the RAF and Royal Navy - might be worth checking.

Another idea would be to find copies of British newspapers of the era and blag the typography from these.

Cheers, Si

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> man i suck

Eric, I personally don't play WWII shooters, so I believe your advice is OK. Me, I prefer nuking demons, evil aliens and bots (Doom III, Halo II, and now Darkwatch).

Yes, I'm old, but I nuke in style!

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I am doing some research for a software company that created WWII Online - british / french and german 3D models for army, air and navy.. wwiionline.com - which is an online virtual battlefield players get to operate in a very realistic simulation.. and they strive to reproduce as authentic detail as possible for every portion of each military.

I am looking for information regarding the typographic fonts used by the british army at the moment.. for printed material, or vehicle markings - email me anytime with any related info please.

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