Mr. Puntilla and his man Matti

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Hi fellows,
here i have two proposals for a theater play
"Mr. Puntilla and his man Matti" by B. Brecht.

The story is about the life of a finnish wealthy man
who makes trips around Finland for bussines.
His permanent company to those trips is his driver Matti.
Puntilla is a man who has two opposite personas.
On one hand he is a cold bussinesman,
but when he drinks, becomes generous,
open-hearted and hedonist.

The elements i should use are:
-the nature of Finland,
-the feminine element (drunk Puntilla is always
in love and gives wedding promisses to various women).


...any comments?

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i like first one a lot!.. i think you can put forest from the second variant into it.. i see it at the bottom.. and i think a hand on left must be a lil bit mo detailed, u know what i mean?

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Hi Christos.

Your style is fantastic. These theater companies are lucky to have you. At any rate, i think the composition in the first is better (color, balance, movement etc), but I prefer the concept in the second. It better shows the duality you talked about

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goodmorning and thank you for the response.

"i think you can put forest from the second variant into it."
-it will add too much noise i think (and this poster is already too noisy for my taste).
-as for the "more detailed hand" you are right.

Randy...thanks for the encouraging words.
I totaly agree with what you write in the 1st paragraph.
As to apply the "left" hand to the 2nd poster
maybe will improve the poster but is a matter
of policy to show it to the client like
that and then propose this adjustment.
Also instead of making the background blue
and the case black i tried to make the case
grey but the impression was less strong. It was
even less with a dark blue background.

Tiffany--i am not sure if i understood
your proposal but i can explain my decision
about the layout: the heavy title keeps the
horizon line and the left adjustment compined
to the loose kerning of the subtitle and the name
of the writer, gives a move to the right which
follows the movement of the hand.

have a good and shinny day
(here in greece is still to shiny...lucky me)


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...and this is the poster
as it ended up.

final poster

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Christos -- They are both very nice, but the one on the left has the "romance". The mountains could create the line at the bottom, as opposed to have a perfect box. One thought. The title and subtitle, could they attach to the left of the grey box instead of the top? You could them move them down and balance a bit in the middle. Just thoughts.

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