Sean John

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I'm looking for a font that has the feel that
the Sean John (Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy..
soon to be D?). Any pointers?

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Well, Thats Diddy Daddys signature, so maybe any authentic signature / handwriting may be a close alternate.? :)

( Slightly ) Calligraphic Handwriting Scripts.: 'Carpenter'; 'Dearest'; 'Lanier'; 'Sudestada'.. ( But, I may still recommend that you use actual handlettering.. )

Dav, formlos

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That's the problem, my handwriting is so wouldn't make a great signature.

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I'm still open to all kinds of suggestions
guys. Please help me out here, would mean
a great deal to me.

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Instead of buying a font, you could hire a lettering artist. Check out Mark Simonson's work.

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