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I'm a second year student currently studying BA Graphic Design. (I am soon set to enter my third year.) I am on the look out for as much experience as possible, and would preferably like to spend some time in the US upon graduation, in July of next year. I would love to gain some sort of work experience, placement, or internship.

I would be grateful for anyone to offer any advice on how to achieve this, be it types of companies to contact, times of the year to contact them, and such.



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Matt, where in the U.S. do you want to intern? What kind of design are you interested in? Are you studing Type Design, Print Design, Motion Graphics Design (Film, Web). All these considerations might contribute to where you might intern. Whats good is you are starting your inquires now.

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My studies focus upon print design (primarily advertising, and art direction). Ultimately I would like to work in publishing, as an art director on a magazine, and so want to gain an internship, or work placement that will enable me to gain experience in this field.

I am not too sure where I would like to work in the US. New York or LA would be ideal, but I really wouldn't want to limit my options at this early stage.


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Have you researched the visa issues? As a UK citizen I did an internship in the US in 1995, and at that time there were new rules that seemed to require that an intern on a J1 visa had to return to education. So "after graduation" may preclude you automatically. Sadly my company stopped accepting non-US interns a few years back, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other US companies have done so as well, esp post 9/11 as dealing with the INS has become more difficult.

Having said that my sister managed to get a year admin placement at a New York animation house through the Mountbatten exchange program in the UK.

I think they avoid the return to education requirement by having an education element (evening classes) during the placement.

Cheers, Si

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I took at look at the Mountbatten program but I'm not so sure it would be suitable (for one I don't have the 3 months office experience required).

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