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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to line up a couple of speakers for a public program mid-October at City College where I teach. If you can help with any of these wishes, it would be greatly appreciated.

1. I am looking for an epigrapher: someone who works in stone or other permanent, 3D material.

2. I am also looking for non-Roman script calligraphers (Arabic, Asian, etc.). (We have Chinese and Japanese calligraphers on campus, but do you know anyone who does Thai or Burmese or Korean or...?)

3. I would like the contact info for Asa Peavey in the SFPL so I can ask him as well.

Any speakers would have to be local, as the pay is only a token and not enough to pay for travel.

Many thanks in advance!


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I am ready for that but i have some requirement if you agree these one i am ready for that.

1 I have just 5 hours for speaks.
2 Before you send me all document i want to read it.
3 Please send me your skype ID.

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Hi Amy! Nice to see you're still going strong at CCSF. I have fond memories of when I drove up there to give my talk. The sushi was pretty good too. :->

To help things along I just made a post on Twitter for you.


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