PostScript Type1 problem with FontLab

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I have an old font which says it's Postscript Type 1 but when opened in FontLab, no glyph is showing. It does show its characthers in FontBook though (Macintosh) and if I install it, it will be placed in font folder of Classic OS.
Is it possible to convert it to TTF font and view its glyphs in FontLab? How?

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which file are you trying to open with FontLab? you should be able to open the pfb file which will give you all the character information.

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Frankly I don't know. It doesn't have extension and I'm not familiar with font formats other than TTF. In the Info it says it's Type1 PostScript.
I couldn't send attachment directly to you. If you contact me, I'll reply with a sample of those fonts.

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