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Hi guys,

This is a corporate font I made for a client called Siventi Products B.V.

I made the logo by hand, designed the complete CI for them and will do all the packaging too. The next logical step is this font that will be used in their promotional items (ad’s, product labels, packaging, display material, website, etc.).
The typeface has to be ‘classy’ but also ‘forward thinking’ and ‘contemporary/modern’. The way the word 'Siventi' is written in the typeface matches their logo exactly. The other characters I’ve designed around it to complete the font.

The thing we are still working on are the M and W. The N and V are accepted in the logo but we are looking for the best possible solution.
I have made 8 versions of the M and W and I think this is the best one until now. Does anyone disagree with these characters?
If you look closely there are two versions in this PDF. If you look for the sentence ‘Handmade with passion”, my favourite is the second sentence. It’s more homogenious with the N.

If you see anything else you like/dislike, please let me know.


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I prefer the non-overlapping _M_ and _W_. Although, what if you took a cue from your _B_ and _R_? Instead of overlapping, you simply remove that little connection stroke? I also wonder if the _i_ should be more of a dot at the top with the stroke being a little longer.

I did delete the other thread. I hope this isn't too confusing for the others. The image was in that thread, so I'm not sure why you needed to start a new thread. What happened?

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First of all, thanks for the crit. You have to explain me what you mean with the 'cue of the B and R.
The 'i' is a bit problematic, but it's an intergral part of the logo. Though this font is not meant to be used small, I see that the 'i' tends to look too small. This i makes the font kinda like a monocase.
If the font does need to be used small I use the UC characters. There is a normal 'I' on caps hight (see the little text 'Siventi Logo Wide Italic').

I'm a bit under time pressure here, because I'm leaving for my holiday tomorrow. So I don't know if I'll be able to finish this thread. I'll be back in two weeks.

I attached a pdf earlier but the link got broken. I wanted to upload a gif to the original entry but didn't know how, so I started a new thread. Sorry about that. How can I add more images to my entries?


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RE: PDF ... Bizarre. It worked when I downloaded it.

RE: Cue ... there is a little separation. Think of it as if the leg/arm which overlaps. Instead of that final little stroke to connect and get the impression of overlap you let it float? Better? I can e-mail you a fake image if you'd like.

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We are talking on the same level here! I had exactly the same M and that was my favourite. The client said he focussed to much on it so he wanted to have it changed. I'll be sure to run it by him again.
My collegue liked the other M, the one with the more open arches. He said it's a more homogeneous character within the font.

Thanks for the GOOD tip. ;-)

The attachements are still a big problem here. It didn't work for me and for someone who wanted to crit. The link to the pdf document was broken.


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The wider _M_ and _W_ were, for me, more distracting because they seemed to occupy much more space .. fwiw

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