Infrared adaptor for mac

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Ive recently got a new phone and want to be able to transfer files from it to my powerbook G4, the phone has infrared wireless capabilities but laptop does not. Ive been looking around for an infrared adaptor for my laptop but cant find any for the mac. I do already haver a infrared mouse, is there any program I can download so I can use the mouses' usb adaptor to work with the phone? Im guessing no and if so could anyone point me in the direction of where I could buy an infrared adaptor.

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how about use bluetooth... my sony erricson came with a USB wire that charges or is used for downloading.

But before I used bluetooth to transfer files.

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The phone doesnt have bluetooth just infrared, im looking for either a cable to connect both or an adaptor so my laptop has infrared capabilities, though I cant find either.

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Not sure how to help you, but if you get it working, you can hack your hotel TV with it.

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I have come across this if anyone is interested, a usb Irda adaptor that they say works with Mac OsX which it turns out is a rarity, if anyone has this Id love to hear that it actually works, there seems to be so many drivers and different versions of the IRDA that im worried it wont work with my phone at all, anyway if your interested.

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Where's the type?


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