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When Typophile first launched almost two years ago, the doors were wide open. In light of recent events, we've decided to hire a bouncer.

Critique, News & Events, and Technical Issues will now require an account to post.

General Discussions will still allow users to post under a pseudonym without an account. If a forums user would like to post free of anonymous respondents, they can post to Technical Issues.

Typophile Forum accounts are still free - if you haven't done so yet, join the hundreds of others who have clicked "Login/Register" to sign up for instant registration. It's quick and hassle-free.

While we encourage healthy debate and meaningful discussion, posts containing inflammatory remarks and/or personal attacks will be deleted in their entirety by the board moderator.

Please send moderator nominations to :

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A step away from the communist ideal, there, Joseph?

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Communist? A die-hard capitalist who drives a Ford Mustang in the *UK*?! I can hear Marx pounding the lid of his coffin.


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Christian, the issue was that Jared wants to close off a good portion of the forums to anonymous posters - I think it's better if he creates a members-only area than close existing access.

My Mustang gets a mention here, a sad day indeed - mines a long way from the site of it's birth (Nottingham, England), I bought it in Wellington, about five years ago - must be some kind of Commonwealth thing, there's a few Raleighs around here.

And picture here:

Wouldn't you have to convert a Ford Mustang to right hand drive in the UK Hrant? What kind of gas mileage do you get out of it? Got to go to work... later!

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> Jared wants to close off a good portion of the forums to anonymous posters

Correction: It's a done deal.


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If I may, this seems a bit wide-ranging.

If you want a members only area, then have one, dedicated, members only area.

If you want to keep it really "sane" then make it by invitation only (ie only a sub set of "members").

If the discussion then migrates to the members only area, then the inference will be clear.

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thank you - the "lawsuit" thread was getting ridiculous.

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