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This is a typeface based on a video that I made on type that was created with a scrap of paper..video can be viewed here: http://dada.cca.edu/~falfonso/vid/sound.htm Nothing's done yet and any feed back would be much appreciated. Also, although I don't know anything about open type, I will be making an open typeface with lots of ligatures.


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I think it has a lot of potential. It has a wonderful textural presence. I especially like the way the letters start to interact with each other. It needs more work, but has a start it good. It had some feeling of a script, without being a script typeface. The weights need to be more normalized and the addition of numerous ligatures could make it much more smooth and pleasing to view.


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I think i agree! It makes me think of what Ralph Steadman might come up with if he set about to design a font like tension. That said, keeping some of the ridiculous variation in weight within the individual glyphs but maybe going for more consistancy with this through the entire typeface might be a good direction.. (now that i've said that, i think i'm probably just re-iterating shu)

either way, i'm interested in seeing where you take it from here.

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I may 3rd the 'Nice Start'.. :) I like the Uppercase.. The 'scribbley' / sketchy and naive nature of your type reminds me of 'Fixogum', by Ingo Zimmermann..

Dav, formlos

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The Z lacks stuff.

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