BCA: Birthdate Collection Agency

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Please post birthdates which are related to you, typophile, or people of typographic importance.

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Me: 11.01.1979

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Me: 1/16/1944


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Me: December 4, 1979

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June, 6th, '81

Dav, formlos

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ME ME ME: 03.06.1977

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I assume most of you already use this, or rather those of you who use Entourage and/or iCal, but don't forget to subscribe to the Typophile Calendar: http://www.icalx.com/public/typophile/Typophile

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Me: 03/26/1979

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Me: 01/06/1978

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March 15, 1979.

That's the "Ides of March" for those who love your ancient Roman history. Another one of the small reasons why I am so crazy. Beware.

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The International Day of Protest, of course - June 18.
Specifically, 1968. Hours after Cassandre took his life.


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twin snakes here: june 5, 1977

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Mmm... mine is June 18th as well.
International Day of Protest makes a lot of sense to (for) me.

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One more gemini listing: May 31st, 1965.

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I couldn't be more typographically irrelevant, but: Sept 12, 1978

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I obviously win the Geezer prize so far :-)


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Geminis make life worth living. Especially the ones who are Monkeys in the Chinese horoscope... ;-)


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me: feb.1.8o

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Tiff, do you want to re-collect dates that are already on the calendar? I am assuming that you are just building off the current collection.

I would also like to volunteer to help maintain the calendar, should the need arise.

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yes, Grant, I think we'll just add to the current calendar. there are some mistakes/errors/problems on it and I've told Jared about our willingness to help. if anyone has subscribed the typophile calendar and notices errors please point those out too.

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Yours truly 10/02/53

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11 10 1981

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It's very possible I might be the youngest on here: 8/31/84

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Sept. 25... Libras rule!

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We have the same birthday! Well, give or take a few decades. I really like the "National Nothing Day" thing--now I feel special too.


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I have to agree with Shu, Pisces Rule!!!!

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I'd be willing to bet that Eric Gill and Giambattista Bodoni would also agree with us.

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"It’s very possible I might be the youngest on here: 8/31/84"

Gah. I wear running shoes and have operational computers older than some of you kids...

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Geminis make life worth living. Especially the ones who are Monkeys in the Chinese horoscope… ;-)


me : may 26, 1980

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"Running shoes..."

Running shoes? You got Running shoes? I've got sneakers (as in U.S. Keds high-tops with a rubber circle on the ankle bone). I've got stuff in my refrigerater older than you :-)


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FWIW, mine is November 13 (as in Friday the), 1970.

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Ine! :-) I'm not surprised, considering your two-faced font...


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Running shoes are Canadian. Sneakers are US o' A.

All of my "running shoes" (including the 25-year old ones) are Converse Chuck Taylor's.

Keds can only dream of being Chucks when they grow up.

As for your refrigerator, my condolences.

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"Keds can only dream of being Chucks when they grow up"

Sorry Grant, only the rich kids got Converse in my neighborhood and their wern't any :-)


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August 3, 1980.. I mean 1970.

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My delivery date: May 12. 1956 (04.40 hrs CET)

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Chris, we must celebrate the celebration of not celebrating anything on National Nothing Day.


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"...celebrate the celebration of not celebrating anything on National Nothing Day."

That's a deal! Mark it on your calendar :-)


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First born in NYC on Fathers Day, June 15, 1947.
My 15 minutes of fame came when I was announced on WNYE and it's been downhill ever since.

Yes, I'm old, but I'm back from vacation!

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December 13th, 1977

Norbert has me beat by a little. ;)

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I have copies of U&lc older than you are.

Yes, I'm old, but I'm back in style!

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Hey, I share my birthday with Peter Saville (October 9). But mine is in ’67.

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Does anyone have an interesting progression of their birthdate, like January, 23, 1945 (1-23-45) or March 21, 1954 (54.3.21)?

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I graduated from Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Tech at the time) on 6-6-66 and have had the Devil to pay ever since :-)


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My index in the MyFonts database is 666.
Laurence swears it was a coincidence. Blasphemy.


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Jason Alejandro said:
"It’s very possible I might be the youngest on here: 8/31/84"

Sorry to disappoint you bud, but I might be even younger than you. ;) December 4th 1985.

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Hey Tiff... as long as you're compiling dates, I noticed that David Carson's birthday (today) is in the calendar as a timed event, rather than a 'all-day' event. Just something to tidy up while you're under the hood.

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Yeah. I noticed that also, Grant. I'm still waiting for the keys though.

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Matthew Carter's is kerflunky as well (October 2nd).

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