What San Serif Works Well with Century?

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We are working on a corporate rebrand with an external agency, and they have suggested Century for headlines.

Three questions:

1. What cut of Century is the designer's choice? I am partial to Century Expanded... Agreed? If so, what foundry? I am working with Adobe Century Expanded... Any better choices?

2. Does anyone have any examples of great usage of Century? I am a big fan of Martin Venezky's work and his use of the typeface...

3. What are some contemporary, corporate san serifs you think would work well with Century?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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My Opinion, not fact: As century is geometric, most might say you can't mix another sans. However, I disagree. I have found if you pay strict attention to the geometric typeface, which I'll liken to the male partner, you can use a humanist, or neo humanist, or even a neo grot, typeface, being the female, as long as the widest stroke of the humanist is the same as the geometric. Or, as long as the female isn't as domineering. I obviously need to work on my articulation of this theory.

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I should add that balance is the key. If one is to be dominant, the other must be submissive as this pairing cannot work in equal amounts.

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If you like Century Expanded, look for a slightly expanded sans to complement it, and try to choose one with a similar x-height.

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Funny you should post this. I've been debating on pairing Storm's Hercules with Proxima Nova for a project. The x-heights are similar and they seem to match up pretty well.

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