(x) Mixed Wooden Type - seek expert identification {Gerald L}

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This summer I am working in Vermont at an Internship. As part of my training I am setting a poster with 'found' sorts of wooden type on a Vandercook press. One of 3 layers is complete, and I am moving on with the second.

Although I am unable to identify many of the fonts I have at my disposal in the shop - 'Annex Press.'

Please, can anyone identify any of the type faces printed in GOLD; the lines marked 1 - 4. Thanks for your effort and time!

~ Rusty

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Line #1 and #4 are the same. Check out the woodtype fonts at Myfonts to start your search.

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Go to the library and reference Rob Roy Kelly's book American Wood Type: 1828-1900. It is the primary source.


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Thanks so much for the advice, I went to the Dartmouth Library in Hanover and found the book! Amazingly they had it and I was able to locate it amongst the thousands of books there. I am not even a Dartmouth student, but I was able to just walk right in and make photocopies. They had a signed copy in storage, which I was unable to see without a school ID. But I am sure that would have been an even better treat!

The book was a treasure trove in information and contained many of the typefaces I have been working with, I am prepared now to complete the final, third layer of my poster. I will post the finished version for all to see. Hopefully you can check it out!

I will most likely finish the poster next friday, the 12th of August. So look for it next weekend! Thanks again without your help I would be less informed.

~ Rusty

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