New House Industries SHAG FONT COLLECTION and more..

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House Industries has paired up the Josh "Shag" Agle to release the highly anticipated Shag Font Collection. Agle is a world-renowned artist whose depictions of the "Swinger's Life" have graced the walls of galleries on four continents and are the favorites of celebrities and connoisseurs alike. In 2002, Agle collaborated with House Industries by painting a caricature of Richard J. Neutra on one of House's recently re-issued Boomerang Chairs. Impressed with his mid-century stylings, House Industries created a set of fonts that bring Shag's aesthetic to the design world. The collection's three fonts have been carefully engineered by House Industries type designers to include numerous alternate characters, ligatures and swashes. Also included are over 24 "Shagbat" dingbat illustrations drawn by the Agle exclusively for House Industries.


House Industries also presents three limited-edition Shag serigraphs in conjunction with the font release. With the purchase of the Shag Font Collection, customers may also purchase one of the serigraphs for an additional $50. The five-color serigraphs will be produced in a limited run of 300 each.


House Industries is also producing 100 signed and numbered sculptures as part of the Shag font release. The sculpture is based on one that appeared in the illustration created by Shag for the collection.

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