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I am planning on using this version of my logo to present to folks in the automobile/motorcycle demographic. What do you think?

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Need more information about your intentions for the logo, what service do you offer your demographic etc.
That said I like the crown but I don't see why the "co" should have a 3d effect nor why it should have a different light source than the crown or the mix of faces.

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Co., has as Tim said, has much to much emphsis. The crown doesn't mean anything but who cares. I think the type is to tight. Especially the CTU in picture. Did you investigate Caps and Small Caps, everything feels heavy. Lastly, the name isn't memorable

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I like the crown and the 'co', but in the context of 'Schreiber Picture' they feel odd and out of place. The name and the 'co' are going in opposite directions right now. Honestly, I'd push the name in the more ornate direction, to make it more memorable and unique. If you stick with the sans serif, I don't like the noisy outlines on 'Schreiber PIcture' and I agree with Dan that it's too tight. Go smaller and more loose. That may solve the problem.

What exactly does the company do?

Also, how does this logo work on a white background? Or is the black box part of the logo?

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