(x) Foster's - Cronos (modified) {Stephen}

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Hi, I would appreciate some help in identifying the typeface used here here. (see below). It looks like a cross between Stone Sans and Charlotte (Linotype) - but it is neither.
unknown typeface

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Thanks Stephen .. you're halfway there - There are similarities in the fonts you suggested, and most likely it might be a custom variation.

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Reminds me of Jeremy Tankard's BLISS, similar shapes, but the R isn't this soft and a few of the terminals end differently.

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Sure looks like Cronos to me -- I don't even see the subtle variations. Even the apostrophe looks right, though rotated a bit (hard to tell with the outline of the inset box going right through it, however). If it's not Cronos, I think it must be adapted from it.

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This is most definitely derived from Cronos.
Chesh, the subtle derivations are in the terminals of
the primary strokes. In Cronos they have subtle curves
and tapers. But in the Foster's sample, these terminals
look like they have been squared off -- see the back
corners of the E and the bottom of the R stem.

-- K.

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what do you think of my logotype?
i cannot help think that it reminds me of something..

: )



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I know this, I know this, I know this. (And if Tiffany and
Chesh and Yves were awake right now they'd have an
answer for you already.) But can't shake it loose from my brain.

It's got similar strokes to Costa, especially the 'T'.

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I knew it was a short word that started with a 'C': Cronos.

There are some subtle differences, but there isn't a typeface
more similar to Cronos than Today Sans, and that's not it.
So I am going to take a big leap again and say FOSTER'S
started with Cronos and refined it a bit for the logo.

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Funny, but you should start a new thread in the 'Critiques' ;)
I mean, who gets to clean up the clutter? Right: Stephen.

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