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I am an international student in UK. I am studying the Master of visual communication. It needs an evaluation when I finished the first two stages of study. So, I made a homepage for the evaluation. You can see the website underneath this letter. My topic is The Language of Water In Visual Communication. There some interpretation of the experimental process and effect. I hope you can give me your comment, it will help me find areas of improvement in the last stage of my study. Thank you.

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Chi Chen, based on my first impressions I think your topic needs to be moved, so I moved it. Interesting idea. How did you come to it?

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Nice idea but incomplete. Water can mean Tsmunai, Thunder Storm, Hurrican or it can mean relief from drought or flood. Water isn't static nor is its definition and it effects our lives on a daily basis. Today in Manhattan the heat index will be over 100º, drinking water will be essential.

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While I appreciate (I hope) some of what you are trying to investigate, too much is lost by your incomplete command of English, please don't be insulted or discouraged, but I feel that for anyone to meaningfully discuss your work you need to put it in a way that can be understood. Why, for example, should water be unpredictable, physics and fluid mechanics show us some very predictable properties of water that will only change given the presence of impurities or atmospheric pressure. None of your experiments revealed anything about water that could not be predicted to some degree. It would have been far more startling to have exactly reproduced the centrifugal effect of water on discs, than to have shown that on differing materials under differing circumstances water behaves in differing ways. I don't feel that you have approached the effects of water on emotions or psyche in any meaningful way.
I apologise if you think this criticism is unwarranted.

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