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This came up on another board, which I though might be answered here...
Does anyone have knowledge of the font used for the serial numbers on US currency? Not looking for images, but an actual font. If not known, is there one reasonably close?

Alan Steytler

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I would assume it is custom made. Especially considering the other anti counterfitting measures that have been taken.

But then again, I could very well be wrong.


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The serial numbers are printed using (as far as I know) a Zeiser letterpress banknote numbering machine. It's the last thing that goes on the note. The typeface is custom made but I don't now what it's called. Sorry.


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Thanks for the help...

Serial number

Alan Steytler

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Alan Steytler,

Do you need more than the numbers. Lanston was owned by the American Banknote Company. We sold many cheque number fonts, stock and bond related fonts etc.

I am not sure however about legalities. In Canada customers required permits for most Banknote products.

Printed materials was produced in locked guarded cages. Jail for a job. Not nice.

The last comments is only to make you aware there may well be restrictions in your country.

Gerald Giampa
Lanston Type Company

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Information passed on to the original inquirer. Guess he doesn't want to pursue the thought any further...

Thanks for your help.

Alan Steytler

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Could you post a scan? We can always look for a acceptable alternative.

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