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Just getting started on this one.

HoopFX will make basketball gear for backboards. Can't really say what that will be, but stuff. They want to attract college basketball fans. And people who play basketball.

I've tried a few other directions but I like the type on this best. It takes the form of the backboard and translates it into type. At least that is what I was trying to do. HOOP has gone through a couple drafts.

The FX mark part I am just getting to. I think I need to try a few different renderings before this starts working. I think the bottom of the mark is the tricky part...that will impact how FX reads.

Would love to hear what you all think.

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I quite like the type. I think it will appeal to the demographic. Maybe try adjusting the tips of the "H" and "P" to be less angular and more like the "O"s.

Also, the H and P's tips might be too high considering there location. I might shave a bit off them too see what it looks like.

How 'bout setting "FX" onto basketball's spherical surface? Perhaps rebounding off the "backboard" of one of the "O"s?

Good start.

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'FX' is readng as a cropped 'EX' to me.

Maybe try Tim's idea, or perhaps make the 'FX' take up the same space as the traditional box on the backboard.

The backboard also seems a bit small compared to the type.

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Yeah, I'm seeing the same problem with the "EX".

I like the basketball idea.

Thanks for the initial feedback. I'll keep ya posted.

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Here's the evolution of the logotype. Would love to hear what you think.

Not sure if my inner angles on the H and the P are spot on. Though they are based off the outer angles and optically adjusted.


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logotypev2.gif is looking VERY nice.

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Here's the logo.

I think I am happy with the logotype, but the mark is missing something. Or perhaps it needs to be executed in another way. Though the client does like the idea of some sort of basketball-based mark.

Open to suggestions.


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also, please excuse the vertical spacing on the vertical lockup. That is in no way final

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I think I like it.. :) The type ( treatment ) slightly reminds me of the ( original ) xBox logo type, but, thats not a bad thing, I guess.. :)

Dav, formlos

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How's this for a direction? I like the idea of working the "F" and "X" into the backboard of the Os. Since all backboards have a square of tape in that location, it seems like a natural fit. Feel free to post/develop/use.



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You know when the ball goes through & the net has a flowing shape left in it from that passage? What if you wrote FX using that net shape under a hoop?

just thinking out loud...

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Some good ideas there from tim and eben.

I started to add some outlines and color, but still not satisfied though it could work

I have some ideas that remove FX from the mark that I might try, and I think tim's idea has some potential, though it might not reduce well (have a feeling it won't). But I like the idea of a wordmark, instead of a mark + logotype.

And eben, I think I will explore yours as well.

I'll keep you posted.

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You know the bumps on the b-ball? Maybe that pattern can be used to build up the mark. You could even get some pencil graphite mark up a ball & bounce it off a paper on the flooe & then start erasing - or take the image to computer & manipulate.

This idea is a bit x-treme sports though... Maybe not the intended effect.

looking foreward to seeing the stuff...

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