The Nazi Swastika and Symbols

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i've started a new thread on this subject so i can't be accused of hijacking someome else's.

did you read:

1. The Swastika: Constructing The Symbol by Malcolm Quinn ?

2. Norman Brown - 1933 - The Swastika, a Study of Nazi Claims of its Aryan Origin ?

3. Norman Revd Walter - 1939 - The Real History of the Swastika ?

4. Thomas Wilson - 1896 - The Swastika, The Earliest Known Symbol ?

David Hamuel

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you can email me if you have questions.
Otherwise, start a new thread called 'Matha's CV'.


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Did you read?

can you tell us what do you know about the book by Heller and the book by Quinn?

- the book by Brown and the book by Quinn?

- the book by Wilson and the book by Heller? and the book by Quinn?

just simple question: did you read?

did you read?

David Hamuel

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did you read, Matha??????????

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