Need comments on new logo

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hi all,

doing a new take on my co's logo...
need a second opinion...
i've decided to ligaturise a sans serif font!
can you read it easily?
will it be perceived as a weird looking "h"


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will it be perceived as a weird looking “h”

No, it looks like FI, but you probably ought to move the I a little closer to the F to make the interletter spacing consistent.

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I think the lettering is to tight overall. That spacing looks 1970s, let it breathe.

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looks a bit too much like the addison logo:

firefish is a name with lots of visual connotations, why not investigate those more?

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kerning is unbalanced, especially since you are using a ligature, which pretty much sets the spacing for the rest of the letters.

Icon needs to be bigger. I can't tell what it is.

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