Day 02: 16 July 2002 (12 entries)

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Day 02



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I don't want to be wearing no bar code, even in jest.

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I like the typographic muscles.


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typographic muscles is my personal fav.

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k e r

by far, its not even close. although typo muscles is _very_ funny

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Joe Pemberton... yours is really good...

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those muscles are pretty slick. and i really like the "quick brown fox..."

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I like the simple "smart guides"-like 02.006

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The black Helvetica shirts got my vote. Good work.

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Anyone know the story with 02.007?

The type reminds me of the Protopod logotype. Is it an existing face or hand created?

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02.010 (muscle thing) really rocks - I'm digging it

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Helvetica all the way man. I laughed my arse of for like 10 minutes. Anywho, yeah. I'm new here and like the site a lot.

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How can anybody follow that one?

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That's all for day 2. Tell 'em what you think.

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Oscar, these designs are the submissions
from a handful of different people, I merely
posted them all as the moderator of this

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The Helvetica's made me cringe, but I really like the pangram and the barcode...The barcode being the best of the two.

maybe a combination?

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