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Hi all,

I'm working on a logo for my design portfolio (Level D). I need some fresh eyes to take a look at the direction I'm going in. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.



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I like it, its very... uh... transparent ?

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Do you mean its too obvious?

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Do you mean its too obvious?

I think he wanted to say: a sample, please?

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Oh wow I didn't realize it wasn't attached. I'm positive I attached it...but I no longer see a submit button for images. I'll try again in a minute.

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This link should work...

sorry about that

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So this logo is meant to be your own - for your design company right? Or is it a school project for a hypothetical company? Please explain the context.

starlux's picture's for own design company/portfolio...graphic/web design.

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So let me start asking questions based on that. What does 'level D' mean & why pick that name as opposed to 'level Z' or something. Is the 'D' meaningful? Is so in what way? Right now this is not too obvious. It sounds a little like a parking garage. Is that the idea?

What kind of design do you do? What kind of design to you want to do next?

I think your off to a good start but I think to avise you further I would need to know more. Feel free to fill in anything else you think is important but which I have failed to ask about.

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As Eben spoke, please give us the details. Do you have a creative brief you could post? Assuming this is not mearly superficial aesthetic, one would need to what what you are trying to achieve before giving a proper review.

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"Is the ‘D’ meaningful?"

I think this is her last name — Dyer

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First thoughts level is to large (if you want it to relate to the negative space in the D)and optically appears below center of the shape. Solve the graphic problems in black and white then explore color. Level is a boring typeface and you need to work on the spacing. Lastly you are a graphic designer tell people you are, don't leave it up to imagination.

One more request, please post gifs in the future they are smaller and load quickly. That PDF was over 600K

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The treatment used in the center column works better in making the "D" obvious.

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Hi again,

Thanks for the responses. The meaning of level d? To be honest I looked for words that I like the sound of first. The meaning came after. The D is design. And it doesn't hurt that my last name starts with a D. So...combos like Terminal D and Area D came up. I liked the sound of Terminal D but it means the end and although most would associate it with a section of an airport some might think death. In the end I settled on Level D and decided that I liked the various definitions of the word. For example, (adj) Rational and balanced; sensible, or (n) A relative degree, as of achievement, intensity, or concentration and (n) A natural or proper position, place, or stage...

Where do I want to go with design? I'm currently in a place where I want to explore other arenas of with my hands more. Most of my experience has been with corporate design...newsletters, brochures, books, magazines, identities, etc. So this is a space for me to explore.

About solving the problems in black in white're right. I'll work on that and repost with gifs next time. So regarding the comment that I should tell people who I am...are you saying that the word design should be a part of the logo?

I used Din because it looked like it might be used for a parking or street sign. Perhaps I should move away from that aesthetic. I'll definitely explore other options.

Thanks again for your help. I'm moving today so I won't be able to show you anything new until the end of the week.

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I personally like/love the last four in the 2nd column—the box/D combo (not the rounded corners version.
It is more simple, coherent and a stronger, more ownable quality than the rest. I like the various colors that you've applied to the logo. You could actually choose a palette of colors and use them all depending on what section of your portfolio one is reviewing. There are a great number of ways in which you could apply the logo to various touch points.

If it were mine, I would work on the kerning of the word a little more... There is a spacing issue particularity between the v and the first e. I suggest tightening it up a bit. Try squiniting your eyes when looking at the word and keep tightening up the space until it looks coherent to the other letter spacing in the word.

Hope that helps.

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I like the whole 'starlux' thing you have going with your site. It wreaks of creativity. If you're trying to come up with something 'more serious', I don't see the benefit. To me, Starlux says eclectic designer, levelD, I don't know. Maybe trying to hard?


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I'd try one making the 'D' the same color as the type.

And, well, I do have to agree with Eric. I think your current logo is great. Stick with that. ;o)

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Now that I have looked at the site & read what you said I am starting to guess that you wanted something heavy & pro instead of the more 'girly' starlux. I may be off base here but that's my guess. I can see that - however I think that folks are right here in suggesting that you may not want to abondon statlux. There is equity in your existing name because you have done work under that name already. Also 'starlux' is more memorable than 'level D'. People forget they parked at level D alll the time. What is to stop them from forgetting you? Starlux is memorable. I would suggest redesigning starlux to carry the new feeling you want to evoke. To do that you have to figure out what you want people to think about you. Even if it isn't true - yet.

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I'm going to echo Eben in the previous post. Starlux is definatley a more memorable name. My only suggestion in a re-design of starlux would be not to consider a 'star' in the effort. ;)

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You've all given me a lot to think about. And you're right I was starting to feel like the logo was a bit girly...the font a bit to fragile. Revamping the starlux logo may be the way to go...

Thanks so much for the input. You've helped a lot.

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Revamp Starlux, it works and is unique and it has Font Diner qualities, 50s retro. You might investigate this as a direction.

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Starlux in an anime/techno/future style might fly too. Or maybe a highend luxury style - like this:

You could be as serious or faux about it as you wantd to be. But it would take the emphasis on Lux. Which is cool.

Then there is always the dish or laundry soap model of lux - with a big swoosh underneath

Or maybe something really absract & cool like this

will you be posting more stuff later?

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Once things settle down in my new place, I'll have a chance to work on this again. Hopefully, I can post some new ideas in the first week or two of August. I'm definitely going to experiment with some of your suggestions.

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You could have so much fun with Starlux and find a thick script font and then customize it to give it the strength and stand-out quality that perhaps you were going for with Level D.

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Wrayco - nice!

BTW I saw this tonight & thought of starlux - see the fu in Fumanchu?


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yes, that is gorgeous! Exactly....

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Hi all,

I'm back. I decided to stay with Starlux and rework the logo. I've started in on the process and decided that I want the logo to be a little playful, future/techno retro. Currently I'm using Eurostile and Gourmet.

I thought I'd be able to post an image...looks like I'll have to create a link for you to view the project. One moment...

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Here it is.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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I'm still a fan of your current logo. ;o)

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You have a sweet seed ideas here but hese ideas sufffer from an overly staid or direct treatment. They just sort of sit there. It actually took me a while to realize that that must be a helmet - not a moden looking clock radio... It is a helmet isn't it?

Before you revise these why don't you tell us what you were aiming at with each idea - so we know what your intent is. Without knowing your intent I would feel silly suggesting methods of improvement.

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I like 1A, the helmets as Eben mentioned don't cut it. I have bad associations with space exploriation since Discovery. Did you ever hear of Telstar?

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Yeah. I knew the astronaut helmets weren't really working. I was curious though if they would be recognized.

What is my intent? I want fun, clean, sexy, futuristic, retro. I want all of these things without being to much of any of them. I wonder if that's asking to much? I don't want to be tired of it in 6 I am with my current logo. I don't think I went far enough. The type is too weak for what I want it to do...and the star and cloud are a bit obvious.

Also, I may get into t-shirt and jewelry design soon; so I want it to hold up for those endeavors as well.

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> What is my intent? I want fun, clean, sexy, futuristic, retro.

I think you can embrace all these. Cool. I think you can do it with astronaut helmets too... Or not. With a cool name like StarLux I can imagine your having 10 logos - maybe one of them would be primary...

How does this site fit with your style?

What if you made the logo fatter like that fumanchu thing I showed you before & then had it in the curved glass of the helmet? You could get an above & 3/4 angle on the helmet...

I am starting to see a psychedelic / pbs- 'electric company' animation thing...

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> How does this site fit with your style?

That's exactly the kind of feel I'm going for. I'm going to check out some other fonts and try to work that out better.

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You might want to check out Glamacon *Retrobats* for some ideas. The space vixen is pretty cute.

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I'm still exploring fat script fonts, but I kind traveled in this direction for a little while today. I think I'm liking it but I need to take a break from it...the spacing between star and lux needs to be worked out.

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Try keeping the skeleton of the starlux you already have, and maybe put a little meat on the bones, give it a eeny weeny lil bit more contrast. The ones you posted recently still feel contrived.

Ok everybody, thumbs up or thumbs down ... Vote now on Starlux!

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I took your advice. When I was working up the original logo. I searched and searched and searched for the font that had the feel of starlux. I finally settled on Bickley Script. So why throw it away? I should just make it better.

Here are my latest attempts.

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I also decided to concentrate on the type for now. I was feeling boxed in by my website...which I like...but I was lettting it dictate the direction of the logo.

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What does "Starlux" mean -- the inspiration, or meaning behind that
name? If you want to use that as your design "nickname", you could
utilize this conceptual, focal point within the logo.

It is interesting to experiment with typefaces, but keep in mind NOT
to get too trendy.


Because, then you become just another one of those trendy designers
with lots of flash and little substance.

It would be great if your logo contained some good design as opposed
to a "flavor-of-the-month" typeface.

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5A ... (of course!) ;P ... Just crossed my mind, if you somehow arranged the star ... which is what is making me see your current logo as being a bit 'dainty'... upsize the star, and place it behind the word somewhere, i think if you did that you may have something a bit more forceful, without losing your eclecticism.

And depending how it colors up once you've done that, maybe expiriment with what the fill of the star looks like. Just


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I've just read through this critique thread for the first time and I agree with the main themes of this discussion:

- The original is best but would benefit from refinement
- Define the problem further to give focus to the process

Honestly, you're straddling a couple of definitions of 'retro' and you should probably pin those down more firmly before moving ahead. Don't design, research (I have to go back to the research all the time).

Are you generally going for 50s retro with chrome lettering and pastel colors, 60s retro with a psychedelic twist? Perhaps late 70s/early 80s neon rock lettering with some glitz and shimmer? Your site seems to drift towards the latter, but the 'Starlux' pushes towards the 50s in my mind's eye. And if you want to blend them, what aspects are you blending and why? Again, immerse yourself in visual research. Get excited and inspired by the rich visual cultures you're referencing and don't worry about websites and logos for a little bit.

By the way, there's a film called Lipstick & Dynamite that hits the retro-but-contemporary nail squarely on the head with its titles. Check out the movie site. While I think it gets a bit too hip-contemporary for its own good, it's not afraid of some real retro design, incorporating some of the kink, funk, and naiveté of the design from that era. I'm a fan of that script they use. That's what separates a retro design from a thin retro-rehash.

This is all probably more helpful for your general design, since it looks like you're focusing on the original script, which I like. I'm eager to see where it all goes. Hope this helps.

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How did I arrive at Starlux? That's a good question. I'm now forced to go back and recall my original intentions.
I wanted a short word that had an impact. I was particularly interested in words that mean "light" or "illuminate", most of which are taken. I thought at the time a tagline that read Illuminating Design would work well (although something about it sounds familiar. I think there was an Illuminating Television tagline for something). And illuminate is a good word because it means to enlighten, clarify, reveal...all of which are important in design.

So...I arrived at lux...which was the favorite of all the words I came up with. Another design company in the bay area has it so I didn't take it on. But I did combine lux with other words. One day I wrote luxstar. Took a look at it and thought Starlux!

As you can see (I can too) now, the retro/futuristic vibe I was going for was more a stylistic choice. It doesn't really have any bearing on the meaning. I think starlux sounds flowly and it also sounds techno. Perhaps I was trying have the logo match the way it sounds in my head.

Something to think about...

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> It would be great if your logo contained some good design as opposed
to a “flavor-of-the-month” typeface.

The best would be if you took the shapes suggested & did them over by hand in pencil for an unabashedly unique logo. Go with the flow!

When I hear Starlux I think Tomnita, Asteroids, The Jacksons, and pinball. I think Logan's Run & Battlestar Galactica.

Cheese basically. But good Cheese. The kind that satisfies.

This may not be what you are going for - but it's what I have been associating in my mind.

I like your direction so far because it promises fun & suprises. And a good feeling. It feels positive. But you do need to keep going.

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maybe if you want to go less toally retro this kind of thing...

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Thanks, I will keep going...and try to incorporate some of my original intentions. You guys have been really great! It's hard when you work alone most of the time to get the distance you need to really see.

I'm going to take a few days to work on this. Hopefully, I can post something again this weekend.

nice site by the way...may have to get a few of those

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