Announcement: FogLamp Released

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I think that this is right forum to post this little announcement: we just released new product, named FogLamp. It is very simple application which has only one purpose: convert Fontographer database files (versions 3 and 4 are supported) to FontLab files.

FogLamp is available separately (for both platforms) and in bundles with Fontographer and TransType Pro. Combination of Fog, FogLamp and TransType Pro allows to build Fog-based font-editing environment which can generate OpenType fonts in both "flavors" as well as any other font format.

More information is available in press release.

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Fontographer defines point coordinates with non-integer precision. FogLamp can convert .fog files into .vfb with increased precision up to 10,000 UPM. Useful when making complex ornaments, logos, signatures, Baroque initials.

Will the finished fonts be rendered at 10,000 UPM, or will rounding occur to PS and/or TTF standards when the fonts are generated?

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The finished fonts will be rendered at whatever you specify in the application you do the finishing :)

From FontLab, you can output a font with any UPM up to 16,000. For TrueType / OpenType TT, it will work perfectly, for OpenType PS and Type 1, there will be some minor application-specific annoyances e.g. the text cursor in InDesign might shrink to half or quarter size but the font still works.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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