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Chris Lozos began life as a lover of letters. As a teenager, he earned pocket money lettering mail boxes and trucks. He studied Design at Carnegie Mellon University (called Carnegie Institute of Technology at the time) where he earned a BFA in Graphic Design. While at CMU, he studied with calligrapher Arnold Bank who brought out a love of historic letterforms, learned to set hot metal type in the Laboratory Press established there by Jack Stauffacher. Chris also was influenced by guest professors Hermann Zapf, Rudy DeHarek, Martin Krampen and Gui Bonnsieppe (of the HfG Ulm). His greatest influence was typography proffessor Ken Hiebert, a student of Emil Ruder.
After several decades of practicing graphic design, Chris renewed his affair with letter forms and began to design typefaces. In the past 2 years, he has designed type families, Leporello, Align, Now Sans, Weimar Plakat 1923 Pro, Dez Squeeze, Chrishand, Froggy, Boulder, Backhand, Forehand, Dez HeadsUp, Dez SuperEgo Dez Tovarich, and Petroula and hopes to be releasing them soon for distribution.
Chris abhors puns.

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