A tittle.

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yes, a tittle. has anyone heard this term for the dot over the lc i?
If so, I'd like to do a wiki entry on it.

This is the book I found it in.

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I copied this from OED Online about the tittle.

This is a bit more concise, though.

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Thanks JP, is this common knowlege among typophiles?

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It's commonly used in the saying "jot and tittle" from the KJV of the bible. Apparently jot refers to a small letter (originally yod, apparently).

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There was a recent thread on this subject on the ATypI list. Featured some good material and quotes which could be reused in your wiki.


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Call me uninformed, where can I access that ATypI thread?


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members area of ATypI.org - if you're not a member you'll likely need to find a member to send you it (if that's allowed)

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