(x) College font - (similar to) Hoboken High Slab Serif {Ben}

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I need a font that can match this kinda "american style" font - for sports use - (ofciz)


I have princetown and some other fonts similar - but i don't seem to be able to find the look with those ...


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You could try other slab serifs like Rockwell or Memphis .

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Oddly enough, for what you may be looking for, there is a whole category called "Old School" at Dafont.com

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WOW! What a collection!

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Except look at all the "categories" they classify the typefaces under:

Groovy, Destroy, Trash, Sexy!
How are we to help ID typefaces when the vendors don't even know what to call their collections?

Yes, I'm old, but I'm Groovy Trashy!

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Hoboken High Slab Serif from Lineto.

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Ben, when I saw the sample, my thoughts also went immediately to Hoboken High, but it would have to be customized - for instance, the stroke is thicker, the point on the "M" comes to a complete vertex in the center, and the serifs on the "E" and "F" characters are longer than in Hoboken. My guess is that this is a very generic and not-all-too-hard-to-make custom display that happens to resemble Hoboken.

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