Sans st ligatures?

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Can anyone point me towards examples of st ligatures in sans fonts? Preferably of the bold grotesque or geometric variety.

Or actually any interesting ligatures in sans typefaces?



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Check out Stormtype. Amor Sans has ligatures, and I assume John Sans does too.

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Jeremy Tankard's Aspect is an unusual monoline sans or semi-sans that goes completely wild with ligatures, including the st. Tankard calls it an 'upright script.' Check out the PDFs for all the ligatures.

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FF Nexus, Storm's Sebastian, FF Govan.

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I've always liked the ligatures in costa ptf
And Fedra Sans Display is unbelievable.

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Many ligatures in Éric de Berranger's Hamely

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Lingua, by Eric Olson, Process type foundry

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Thanks everyone for your time. Very helpful.

The ligatures in Aspect are spectacular, but the Fedra Sans Display & Sebastian Black are what I was most after.


[EDIT] ps. I was looking for inspiration for a logo. Part of the (draft) result is here. The st ligature kind of grew into ckst.

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If you like Fedra's ligs, check out FF-Gowan too.

I wonder if Bilak used linguistcs (like Olson so nicely did).


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Sorry Ed, that looks like crst to me.
Guess I've been lookin at too much unicase :-)

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It looks like crst to me as well. Maybe if the top of the "k" curved a little back into the stem. I think the "c" could get a little wider too, it's almost not a "c" anymore. And, the inside curve of the st connection flattens out a little too much at the top.

I don't know if you're looking for a design critique but it's Friday and I have time to kill before my costume party tonight (I'm going as a PMS 801 C chip!). Goodluck. = )

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Thanks for the comments, I wasn't really looking for a critique just giving a little context to my question. I know the k looks a bit like an R but that is fixed a bit by other letters in the logo with ascenders. I didn't show the whole logo as my client is a bit cagey about talking about the project before it is launched.

I've got to learn to stop showing unfinished or partial work! But I'll look again at the width of the c and the top of the k.


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hi folks.

can anyone suggest anymore for this example. Thanks

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"Mein Schatz" has them, too:

And (shameless self-promotion) Canapé as well:
This is a snapshot of my work, no real presentation document. So scroll down to page 33 and ignore the rest (especially semibold and Antiqua at the moment). Sans won't be reviewed and finished until Serif and Serif italic is, so there might be flaws.

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Mein Schatz look nice. great price.
unfortunately all in german when it comes to paypal.

would have purchased it if i could read/ write german.

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Etelka from StormType is a good one.
John Sans does not have the ligatures, though.

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