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hello friends. I'd like some comments on an angular script logotype i'm working on as a personal project. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to drawing letters. My main concerns at this point are trying to get a nice even x-height across the lowercase letters and achieving bold, foward moving slant to the right and legibilty.

Here is another go at it. Ive removed the flourishes from the W and increased the height of the middle hump. comments?

workday_script01.gif6.61 KB
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Reminiscent of two scripts discussed here.
The main difficulty I have with reading it is the shape of the bowl on the y and the baseline of the W which is making the o seem high and breaks the angle of the lowercase. The two flourishes on the W and y are also fighting the direction of the lowercase, perhaps if you applied the same angle on the flourishes that might resolve it.

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Check out this typeface, it isn't quite a script face, but it is a connected angular sans.

Lingua by Eric Olson of Process Type Foundry.

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ive added a second version to my original post. how do i add images to my replies?

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You cannot in the new typophile. You have to add them to the top. I don't like it but it's the way it is for now. I am having trouble understanding how your type will work. Is the idea that you will type it & then Alter the baseline to be on an angle?

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thats a shame about the image posting functionality.

Ebe, I am not designing a typeface. What you are seeing is the development of a script logotype. Is it unconventional to design a script on an angle? Should I, instead, design it on a horiztonal baseline and then skew the entire thing?

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Yes it is a shame. It gets in the way of efficient use of the boards!

>No t a typeface

Oh! I thought it was a font that you could use to build a logo with....

Okay that makes sense now.

What is this for anyway? Can we have more context?

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Russ, since you aren't designing a "typeface," I'm going to move this thread to the "logo" discussion area of the critique forum. Maybe you'll get more feedback there!

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