Geofroy Tory

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(also Geoffroy Tory)
French. 1480-1533

Geofroy was a illustrator, type designer, printer, and author in France during the Renaissance. He was heavily influenced by Italian designers and helped bring their Roman letterforms and design sensibilites to France. He worked in the printing offices of Henri Estienne and Simon de Colines.
Tory gained much acclaim with his popular design of a set of adornate capital initials with intricate floral patterns. He wrote and illustrated Champ Fleury, a monumental work first published in 1529. The three volume book described the history of roman letters, their proportional relationship to the human figure (like the writings of Albrecht Durer which he dismisses as the work of a painter), and a geometric system for their construction. In 1530, he was named the official printer to the king by Francis I.

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