Dalton Maag opens office in Switzerland

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After many years of servicing our Swiss and German clients from London we have strengthened our presence by opening an office in Effretikon, just outside Zurich, Switzerland.

Read more at www.daltonmaag.com

Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd

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I wonder if you are aware of connotations of the term "servicing" which are quite different from the one you probably intended?

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Business is business. ;-)

Bruno, congrats!


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Now you mention it, yes, there could be a slight misunderstanding. But then again, after servicing our clients they do feel better about themselves. Nothing better than getting your serifs spruced.

Bruno Maag
Dalton Maag Ltd

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Are you sending Vinnie to Zurich? ;-)


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Hi Si,

Yes, that might be possible, but only if he can bag some Charcoal.


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funny, i'm from effretikon too ^^

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