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i created this logo-drafts for the it-company "sys-it".
they offer For small and medium sized companies all-inclusive it-support with open-source-software and the creation of content-management-systems (cms).
So it´s a bit like "Turn the existing chaos into a clear system"

it´s a selfmade font, together with different signs.
the color will be either yellow (m30, y100) with cyan (100%) or one of them together with black.
now it´s time to decide which one is the best (or throw them away and create new ones ...)

thanks for your critics!


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I really like the face. I think the 'two people' 'it' is clever, but doesn't read well. I'd go with one of the ones where you spell out 'it' completely.

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The y looks a little tall compared to the s and why did you make it a stencil and not make a stencil from the other characters. Also the bottom of the y looks a bit long. Good start

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I like the face too. You might consider an uppercase "I" (with crossbars) to ensure its read as "sys I.T." and not "sys it"

I think th emark in #5 speaks the most about the order out of chaos concept.

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like the face. though dan is right about the y. and perhaps it doesn't need to be a stencil?

I think #6 is working best for me. though I am not sure about the two I's. Perhaps just one and make it a logotype only, no mark?

marks are hard for IT companies. They've been played out. I think perhaps just a logotype with some kind of stylized dash between the sys and the IT would look quite nice.
perhaps the dash in some way hints at order from chaos...

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