An alternative to Futura Light?

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I'm searching for an alternative for Futura Light, I'm going to use it in all-caps display setting, so the lowercase is not important.

The criteria:

-Grotesque, geometric sans
-Quite Light/Thin
-N should have sharp, pointed verticles.
-A should have a pointed top.
-The bowl of P should be relatively large and the curve should be quite round.
-Neutraface has a bit too much flavor and the whole family is too expensive.

I would really want to use something else than Futura for this (not light enough) (P isn't round enough) (quite good, not enough. A bit heavy too, "too futura") (too thin, I don't like the A)

Any suggestions?

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'Neutraface', by Christian Schwartz / House Industries..
( Edit-A-Bit.: I just read your 'Neutraface' remark, afterwards.. Sorry.. )

'Nobel', by Tobias Frere-Jones / Font Bureau..

'Mostra', by Mark Simonson..

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Maybe ITC Kabel?

Common but it hits your criteria.

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Might be a bit trite and a tad condensed, but Avant Garde?

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Metro Light

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‘Mostra’, by Mark Simonson would certainly be my choice too.


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A second for Avenir, possibly the next Avenir Next.

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