The Typographer.org website is an eternally evolving not-for-profit typography project founded by David John Earls in 1999. Its original incarnation was in a magazine format, covering interviews, software reviews and tutorials from a range of contributors. Later, it turned into a typography news website that prided itself on the speed of updates -- back then the website was being updated on a nearly daily basis. During its third and current fourth phase, it is a collaborative project between David and Yves Peters -- David providing recent typography news with commentary, and Yves writing comprehensive reviews of the cream of recent typeface releases.

One of the founding principles of the website is that it should provide fiercely independent voices within the typographic community. The site does this by not deviating from its foundations of honesty, impartiality and independence of funding. The website accepts no sponsorship or commercial advertising, instead choosing to always cuts its cloth accordingly and remain small. As such we intend never be constrained or co-opted by commercial pressures.

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