Hello Everyone, need your expertise

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hello everybody!

I have just joind to the typophile site. it has been recommended to me by a friend.
I have left a message on your general disscussion board but i thought i would try it here too. I am a graphic/ illustration student and looking for some help for my dissitation. I am writing about the changes in typography from the 1950/60(postmodernism), also trying to find out wheter these changes effected the relationship between garphic design and illustration? I would approtiate any help or suggestions of books ,jurnals, websites etc. I am also really interested on your oppinions in this subject.
Hope to here from someone soon. Thank you.

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This is a useful book on 20th century type
20th Century Type: Remix
by Lewis Blackwell
Publisher: Gingko Press; Illustrated edition (August 2001)
Paperback: 192 pages
ISBN: 392725889X
there's a review on
which fairly describes it

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Thanks Tim Daly
Hope i can give you some information one day...

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